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Title:  Backstage
Author: deansdirtybb
Pairing:  J2
Rating:  NC-17
Words:  2990
Warnings:  Rimming, fingering, bareback, semi-public sex
Disclaimer:  This is not real, the names used belong to real people, but I mean them no disrespect with this work of fiction.  None of the events written here have ever really happened.  I make no money here; my only profit is the joy and ruined panties of my readers.
Summary:  Jensen uses a very public moment to show Jared how important their love is to him.  (Written from the prompt “What happens after the hand play at MinnCon 15” for wings128)
AN #1:  Merry Christmas my lovely wings128!  I was so excited to get your name in the exchange J
I chose this prompt and threw in as many of your likes as I could.  I hope this melts your panties and puts a smile on your face.
AN #2:  For anyone who may have missed it, here’s a couple clips of the hand-play:
        (Link One, handplay happens at 2:07)       (Link Two, handplay happens at 1:30)
AN#3:  Many thanks to the completely adorable, amazing, awesome sleepypercy for all the cheerleading and the final beta.

Feel free to leave me comments...I love when you love me ;)


It started after the convention in New Jersey.  Jensen stiffened at Jared’s enthusiastic on-stage hug; the audience chuckled; there were posts online of another J2 con-hug where Jared was the cute puppy and Jensen the grumpy old man – the same thing that happened every time.  It had almost become a bit and Jensen wasn’t bothered in the least by any of it, especially since he’d begun opening up a little more with the fans and they saw more than just the grumpy old man.  He never thought Jared cared either, but then he’d gone into Jared’s trailer to find him staring at a Facebook post of that last hug, his beautiful face contorted into a grimace that Jensen couldn’t quite interpret.

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Tied with a Bow

Title:  Tied with a Bow
Author: deansdirtybb
Pairing:  J2
Rating:  NC-17
Words:  2506
Warnings:  panty!kink, bottom!Jensen, mildly manipulateive Jared, light bondage
Disclaimer:  This is not real, the names used belong to real people, but I mean them no disrespect with this work of fiction.  None of the events written here have ever really happened.  I make no money here; my only profit is the joy and ruined panties of my readers.
Summary  Jensen’s not sure what to think about Jared’s anniversary gift, Jared helps him see just what a brilliant, and hot, idea it is.
AN #1:  Written  for jj1564 for the Wing’s Little Lift auction to benefit wings128.  The prompt was: “I would love a J2 fic with bottom!Jensen being talked into wearing black lacy panties by a naughty and manipulative Jared. 2000 words would be great”  I’m sorry for the delay and I appreciate your patience – I really hope you like this one!
AN#2:  Thanks so much to the ever-patient and completely freakin’ adorable sleepypercy.  She cheerleaded me through every step of this and gave me a great beta too.  All the hugs to you!  <3 <3 <3

Update:  The very sweet and talented etoile_etiolee has created some beautiful art to go with this fic.  Go check it out!

Feel free to leave me comments...I love when you love me ;)

Tied with a Bow

Jensen ducked his head, the bright red blush of embarrassment spreading from the apples of his cheeks up to his hairline.  “I don’t know, Jare…”

Jared took a careful step toward his adorably shy boyfriend, wrapping strong hands around his shoulders, his thumbs rubbed reassuringly over the soft cotton of Jensen’s t-shirt.  “You’re gonna look hot.  Well…hotter,” Jared said with a wink.  “Trust me, J.”  Jensen looked up through his thick lashes, doubt clouding his green eyes.  “You do trust me, don’t you, baby?”

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Hello again...

I’ve written this post about fifteen times in my head…but I just couldn’t seem to type it out.  I’ve been M.I.A, I know…for months, and even though I know nobody’s gonna demand an explanation, I want to explain.

I haven’t posted since my RBB…I haven’t written more than a few paragraphs, and I haven’t even read much. What I thought was just a heavy case of writer’s block has turned out to be a rather deep plunge back into depression.  Things in RL are not pretty for me right now, and I don’t think I realized how affected I was until the last week or so. 

I found this community when I was at a colossal low several years ago, and you amazing people and our lovely boys did so much for me – I can never put into words how much, and what that meant to me.  Read more...Collapse )

Consequences Masterpost

Consequences Master Post

Pairing: Sam/Dean       

Rating: NC-17       

Words: 9770

Warnings: Wincest (established relationship), violence comparable to what is seen on the show, discussion of abortion, anal sex, mpreg (This story contains mpreg but does NOT use ABO dynamics. I ask you to just accept the concept that in the world where this story takes place men can get pregnant and carry a baby without any real explanation of how/why.)

Disclaimer: I’m just borrowing these characters (if only these pretty, pretty boys were actually mine). I make no money here; my only profit is the joy and ruined panties of my readers.

Summary: When Sam finds and cures his demon brother, Dean turns out to be pregnant. Unsure of the demonic effects of the Mark of Cain, Sam’s determined to find a way to permanently save his brother and the baby.

AN #1: Written for the reverse bang challenge to accompany the beautiful art “Guilty All the Same” by apocalipskiss Please go leave her all the love for her gorgeous work!

AN#2: Thank you to my unbelievable, indispensable betas, the gorgeous thestarkat and adorable sleepypercy. Without the support of you ladies I would never have gotten through this, and without your talent this story would be a mess. Love you both!

AN#3: I never saw myself writing an mpreg story, but I was really won over by the beauty of apocalipskiss’s art and enjoyed the challenge of stretching myself to write outside my comfort zone. I hope the end result works for you.


Links to Fic:

Part 1                     Part 2                    Part 3                    Epilogue
           On AO3

Consequences (Epilogue)

Consequences Epilogue

“Slow down,” Dean ordered from the passenger seat, half turned to face the car-seat in the back.

“I’m only going 40,” Sam said with a chuckle, but when he got a dour face from Dean, he gently pressed on the brake.

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Consequences (Part 3)

Consequences Part 3

For the next two weeks, Sam hardly left the study.  Dean hardly left his room.  But not even the marathon research sessions stopped Sam from making sure Dean continued to take care of himself.  In fact, as Dean grew more and more despondent about the possible evil growing inside him, Sam took more and more of a role in making sure his brother was getting everything he needed.  He set alarms on his phone for breakfast, lunch and dinner and one for each evening when he would ask Dean to go for a walk with him under the guise that Sam’s long legs needed a stretch.  Afterwards he’d rub the aching back his brother would never complain about and put Dean in bed, curling around him for a quick nap before returning to the study.

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Consequences (Part 2)

Consequences Part 2

Dean shut the heavy outer door to the bunker and made his way to the kitchen.  He dropped the grocery bags on the counter, shrugged out of his jacket and flung it over the back of a chair.  His hand automatically fell to curve over the now-visible bulge of a four-month baby-bump.  Being human again, or mostly human, hadn’t made any of this easier for Dean.  His guilt was enough to keep him from reaching for whiskey or anything else that might hurt the creature curled inside his womb, and that brought Sam some peace of mind.  Sammy’s reassurance was the only comfort Dean took in all of this. 

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Part 3


Consequences (Part 1)

Consequences Part 1

Dean remembers.  He remembers every second, can’t forget no matter how hard he tries, and that’s not even the worst of it.  It wasn’t like being possessed – having to sit back and watch as some evil thing used his body to commit wicked acts.  No, he’d been the evil thing, he’d made all the choices that led to pain for everyone around him.  He hadn’t even cared.  He left Sam behind without a thought.  He told Cole to kill Sam – the little brother that he’d spent his life protecting, who had always been the center of his universe, who he’d sold his soul to bring back – and he’d meant it.  That same brother had never given up on Dean, even as Dean spewed the most hateful, hurtful venom at him, Sam had administered the cure that made him human again…mostly.  His fingers traced over the mark that still scarred his forearm.  And now he couldn’t even drown all his guilt and regret in whiskey.  He stroked a hand over his abdomen. 

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Part 2


Awesome Gift!

I am a *very* lucky girl - for my gift from the spn_j2_xmas exchange kinkajou made me the most awesome arts.  It's Wincest + Kevin - in the cheerleading uniform!  And there's spitroasting and Sam's big hands and, and, and - You just *have* to go check it out for yourself!

Home Alone in the Bunker